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As the tagline says, this website is about all things British – in Croatian.

There are various sections on this site: book reviews, movie reviews, TV shows and documentaries worth watching, music (whether current or classical), interesting events in the UK, places worth visiting (someday hopefully destined to become a rich guide to Britain), British history, interesting news from Britain, recommended web links, slightly unusual things, travel tips, UK – Croatian relations and connections, and much more.

There is also an extensive database of useful websites worth visiting for those who are planning a trip to the UK or who would like to explore a particular topic in more depth. Much more is still planned – including a more conventional guide and perhaps even a forum at some point – but let’s leave that for when the time is right to implement these features.

Dario Sušanj

Dario Sušanj in Zagreb. You can see a few of his photos from Britain in the first blog post which welcomes visitors to this site. Click on this image to read the article.

This site was conceived, launched and is edited by Dario Sušanj. You can find more about him at his personal site, on LinkedIn, on Facebook, or on Twitter. In short, Dario used to be one of the leading Croatian journalists in the ICT sector, writing about computers, telecommunications and technology in general ever since he was just 13, and publishing 8 highly acclaimed books as he went along.

Couple of years ago, he changed his focus a bit and switched to public relations, but there is one thing constant about him – he is very passionate about Britain. And we really mean very – he’d prefer to spend a holiday in Britain rather than anywhere else in the world.

What usually happens is that all his friends, colleagues, and sometimes even people he does not personally know come to him and seek advice on where to go, what to see, and what to do while in Britain.

He has even managed to persuade some people to go and experience Britain themselves when they were considering other destinations for their holidays. Dario hopes that he will be able to provide most of his usual tips and advice through this website. Of course, he still loves to talk about Britain to anyone interested in listening so that there is a good chance that he will keep providing personal advice to anyone who asks in person as well.

This website was launched in August 2009. Dario is fully aware that there is much more to cover: many more places he has been to but has yet to write about them, many more books to review, many good movies to recommend, much more to write about British history and culture – and that is all to come, eventually. As any other website, this is a continuous work in progress, influenced by the fact that it is – at least for the time being – fully managed in Dario’s spare time.

Even though you may not understand Croatian, please do spend a few moments here and take a look at what this site offers to its visitors. Should you be interested in contacting Dario, there is a contact form provided; there are also pages in English with more information on how you or your organisation can help or how you can advertise here.

Please note that languages similar to Croatian are spoken in a lot of neighbouring countries (Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Macedonia) so that this website has a much wider potential reach.

You can also take a look at some of the press coverage this website has generated so far, and you can keep yourself updated with the new articles via Twitter and Facebook.

If you are interested in the number of articles that are currently online on this website, you can find that information at the bottom of every page. Seven years on, there are about 1100 articles here… and counting.

This website has been awarded the “VIDI Web TOP 100” award as the best blog in Croatia in 2010. and it also ranked in the top 10 in the “Tourism & Travel” category in the same competition.

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